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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there, I've been dabbling in PHP/MySQL for quite a few years. You'll have to forgive me, most of what I have learned has been self taught and therefore my programming vocab is very limited. That being said I've stumbled on a problem that I just can't figure out. I recently followed a tutorial that taught me how to build a fairly effective photo upload/gallery system for my website. It works just fine when dealing with photos of a small size (less than 1MB) but I keep getting an error with photos that are bigger. I have diligently searched through the code and made all the adjustments I can think of in order to allow larger photos to upload but I can't figure it out. So here is the error that I receive when attempting to upload larger photo sizes: Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: Filename cannot be empty in php_parsers/photo_system.php on line 94 ERROR: That image has no dimensions OK. Now for the code. It's pretty substantial so I'll attempt to just include the relevant part. I have commented the offending 'line 94': if (isset($_FILES["photo"]["name"]) && isset($_POST["gallery"])){ $sql = "SELECT COUNT(id) FROM photos WHERE user='$log_username'"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); $row = mysqli_fetch_row($query); if($row[0] > 1000){ header("location: ../message.php?msg=The demo system allows only 1000 pictures total"); exit(); } $gallery = preg_replace('#[^a-z 0-9,]#i', '', $_POST["gallery"]); $fileName = $_FILES["photo"]["name"]; $fileTmpLoc = $_FILES["photo"]["tmp_name"]; $fileType = $_FILES["photo"]["type"]; $fileSize = $_FILES["photo"]["size"]; $fileErrorMsg = $_FILES["photo"]["error"]; $kaboom = explode(".", $fileName); $fileExt = end($kaboom); $db_file_name = date("DMjGisY")."".rand(1000,9999).".".$fileExt; // WedFeb272120452013RAND.jpg list($width, $height) = getimagesize($fileTmpLoc); //OFFENDING LINE 94 if($width < 10 || $height < 10){ echo "ERROR: That image has no dimensions"; exit(); } if($fileSize > 10485760) { header("location: ../message.php?msg=ERROR: Your image file was larger than 10mb"); exit(); } else if (!preg_match("/\.(gif|jpg|png)$/i", $fileName) ) { header("location: ../message.php?msg=ERROR: Your image file was not jpg, gif or png type"); exit(); } else if ($fileErrorMsg == 1) { header("location: ../message.php?msg=ERROR: An unknown error occurred"); exit(); } $moveResult = move_uploaded_file($fileTmpLoc, "../user/$log_username/$db_file_name"); if ($moveResult != true) { header("location: ../message.php?msg=ERROR: File upload failed"); exit(); } include_once("../php_includes/image_resize.php"); $wmax = 8000; $hmax = 9000; if($width > $wmax || $height > $hmax){ $target_file = "../user/$log_username/$db_file_name"; $resized_file = "../user/$log_username/$db_file_name"; img_resize($target_file, $resized_file, $wmax, $hmax, $fileExt); } $sql = "INSERT INTO photos(user, gallery, filename, uploaddate) VALUES ('$log_username','$gallery','$db_file_name',now())"; $query = mysqli_query($db_conx, $sql); mysqli_close($db_conx); header("location: ../photos.php?u=$log_username"); exit(); } Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. I've been banging my head on my keyboard for over a week trying to figure this out. Could this be a php.ini issue? Am I doing something wrong with the temp file name? Thanks in advance for your help!
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