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Found 2 results

  1. I have a situation with my job where we have software versioning in place. We are having releases ever 2 weeks to a month. for example we are currently working on and we have requirements for 2.3 and 2.2.1 any changes we make to 2.2.1 need to be replicated in 2.3 also what is going on is they are going back to previous versions and making other corrections to and now and and adding a new version this is getting to be a little too much to keep up with and we have a team in china working with us also, and I am working and managing the project files. we have github as a repository system and have versions for 2.3, 2.2, and 2.1 the idea is that each repository will have the latest of its sub kind well, we recently released and then started on and then they made a bunch of changes to and then released the package then the chineese made changes to the files that we broke off (out of repositories) after the package was released and then stuff didn't work because the chineese wanted to replace files from into which may also compromise the integrity of everything. I got reprimanded for not properly communicating with the chineese to stop making changes... now, they want to have a separate repository for each an every release what is the best strategy to keep up with this. It seems like it is set up to fail and have crossover that is going to break. I have done the best I can do to keep versions of every system. am I just in over my head or what?
  2. Hi. I am completely new to the whole version control thing and I'm not sure if I get it right, so I would really appreciate if someone helped me with this. What I would like to achieve is: - have my entire code on a remote (ideally my own) server - anyone with the password should be able to connect to it and do all of the VC stuff (check out/in, merge, brach, all of it) - be able to view the source code somehow, ideally through a web interface, or a desktop app GUI - an app, that would check my working directory (on the local machine) and handle all the operations for me, so all I need to do is fire up the app, click "update code", which would download the current version of the code, do my thing on my local server and then click "sync" (or maybe the same button) that would do all the merging and stuff I've been reading the SVN book yesterday, but I'm not sure if SVN is the right one for me. Which one would you recommend and how do I get it to work ASAP ?
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