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Found 1 result

  1. About the project. We are looking to build a Car Dealer Platform (CMS) to be able to offer it as a “Software as a Service” to range of our clients. What we would like to achieve is something similar to what is currently available on the market. I did a little research and the are a lot of scripts, plugins, software and such already available online (i.e. http://www.hotscripts.com/category/scripts/php/scripts-programs/classified-ads/autos/, http://www.worksforweb.com/classifieds-software/iAuto/, http://intersofts.com/) however, we require some functionality that are not included in the above mentioned and we want this to be a bespoke platform tailored for us. The platform must have: ability to accommodate Comcar data (http://comcar.co.uk/) ability to accommodate Cap data (http://www.cap.co.uk/) ability to accommodate finance calculator (i.e. https://ivendi.com/) ability to accept stock feeds from Dealership Management System (i.e. http://www.2ndbyte.com/) ability to send used car stock feed to used car portals such as AutoTrader (http://www.autotrader.co.uk/), Motors (http://www.motors.co.uk/), AA Cars (http://www.vcars.co.uk/) full registration lookup on used car stock through a Vehicle Registration Mark (http://business.cap.co.uk/products-and-services/vrm-look) Service and MOT booking to include registration lookup easily add multi locations and assign stock for each location capture leads via contact forms of course must be responsive, SEO friendly and compliant with the latest web standards easy to add new pages, locations, franchise easy to upload the offer banners for the home page easy to customize for each client / dealer (CSS, HTML, JS) I am fully aware this is not a small project and it will take a lot of time and manpower to accomplish this, however I am positive about it. This would be developed in stages so we could start offering it to our clients with ideally long time support from the creators of the platform. Here are some examples of platforms currently available on the market and few websites created based on these platforms: NetDirector - http://www.gforces.co.uk/ http://www.hrowen.co.uk/ http://www.thurlownunn.co.uk/ http://www.deswinks.com/ http://www.glynhopkin.com/ http://www.trustford.co.uk/ http://www.westlandsmotorgroup.co.uk/ (as two franchises and uses latest version of platform) Web21st - http://www.web21st.com/ http://www.wjking.co.uk/ http://www.sussexusedcars.uk.com/ http://www.wilsonandco.com/ http://www.findvauxhall.co.uk/ Bluesky Interactive - http://www.blueskyinteractive.co.uk/ - Cognition CMS based (http://www.blueskyinteractive.co.uk/admin/) http://www.fish-bros.co.uk/ http://www.nowvauxhall.co.uk/ http://www.alandayvw.co.uk/ http://dinnages.co.uk/ http://griffinmill.co.uk/ Denison Automotive - http://www.denison.co.uk/automotive/ http://www.perrys.co.uk/ http://www.trusteddealers.co.uk/ http://www.westwaynissan.co.uk/ http://www.tilsungroup.com/ Please feel free to PM me anything related to the topic and ask questions if something is unclear as well as if you require more info. What I am hoping to achieve by posting this here is to get some advice from experienced / senior php developers to point us in the right direction and hopefully to start a partnership. We are based in North London. Thank you. Alek
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