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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody! i got a big problem. i know just html and i would need help of you all guys. i need to create php script, where i gonna generate 4 text fields at once by clicking on "+" sign. every of text fields gonna have another name, that would showed in mail. theres attachment what i mean: orange coloured font contains fields filled out by customer. red coloured font are the names of inputs. ______ in second image is result what happens, if the customer clicks on "+" sign: Photo nr., A3, A4, Another size fields are appeared at once. the order number is changed, the names are changed (from photonr_1 to photonr_2 etc..) so if the customer click on sign 20 times, it shows 20 lines. the last line changes number to 20. THEN Customer "Timothy" clicks on Send and i get the mail that it look like that: Mail Subject: Order - Timothy Robins Message in mail: 1. 1234 Print: A4 x 5, A3 x 2, Other: 3x 15x18mm 2. 5678 Print: A3 x 1, Message:example, example, example, example, example, ______ There are missing lines like Message or A4 because it wasnt filled out. So my question is: is something like that possible to create? I have no idea how to do it..
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