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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to learn how to program in PHP. For a long time i was using WAMP and my localhost. When i ran into trouble i searched the web, watched videos and eventually find a solution. Trying to upload my scripts into a shared hosting web server i had some difficulties in basic things, like using $_SESSION superglobal variable. What i want to do is to use a hidden field with a value inside a form, and after submitting the form, to compare the $_SESSION variable to the $_POST variable in order to check for CSRF. <?php //call all custom functions require_once('Custom_Functions/functions.php'); //session must be send before HTML headers secure_session_start(); ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <body> <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { $postvalue = $_POST['input1']; $sessionvalue = $_SESSION['hashed_token']; echo '<br />==========================<br />'; echo '<br />AFTER PRESSING SUBMIT<br />'; echo '<br />==========================<br />'; echo 'Value of $_POST["hashed_token"] = '.$postvalue.'<br />'; echo 'Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = '.$sessionvalue.'<br />'; } $hashed_token = hash('sha256', uniqid(mt_rand(), TRUE)); $_SESSION['hashed_token'] = $hashed_token; echo '<br />==========================<br />'; echo '<br />BEFORE PRESSING SUBMIT<br />'; echo '<br />==========================<br />'; echo '<br />Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = '.$hashed_token.'<br />'; ?> <form action="" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="input1" value="<?php echo $hashed_token; ?>" /> <p><input type="submit" name="submit" /></p> </form> </body> </html> In this script i have 1 custom function: a) secure_session_start() function secure_session_start(){ //Set a custom session name $session_name = 'TESTSESSID'; ini_set('session.use_only_cookies', 1); ini_set('session.entropy_file', '/dev/urandom'); if (in_array('sha512', hash_algos())) { ini_set('session.hash_function', 'sha256'); } ini_set('session.use_trans_sid', 0); ini_set('session.hash_bits_per_character', 5); ini_set('session.cookie_secure', 1); $secure = TRUE; $httponly = TRUE; $cookieParams = session_get_cookie_params(); session_set_cookie_params($cookieParams['lifetime'], $cookieParams['path'], $cookieParams['domain'], $secure, $httponly); session_name($session_name); ini_set("session.save_path", "/home/SESSIONS"); session_start(); } The procedure goes as follows: FIRST COMMUNICATION WITH THE SERVER: The superglobal variable $_SESSION['hashed_token'] is assigned the random hash value, which is then passed to the hidden input field. I then echo it. RESULT: ========================== BEFORE PRESSING SUBMIT ========================== Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = 93438a1b9b72085ce9430291acebdc4cfdee9d001b91a26207aebc22e04689fc SECOND COMMUNICATION WITH THE SERVER: The user press the submit button, the script then checks if the submit button is pressed, and gets in the if statement(because is TRUE). Then i collect the $_POST and $_SESSION values and echo them. New random hash is assigned to the $_SESSION superglobal variable. RESULT: ========================== AFTER PRESSING SUBMIT ========================== Value of $_POST["hashed_token"] = 93438a1b9b72085ce9430291acebdc4cfdee9d001b91a26207aebc22e04689fc Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = 8f176aeb3a09a1b30e0ea862c78625d7c11743da933d366cface3fa238388e57 ========================== BEFORE PRESSING SUBMIT ========================== Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = c3442382b146f03394ad86911018247c57fa19d4a653d0bf6bb9bc7506e88ca0 For me this is very weird. The random hash is assigned to the $_SESSION variable, but when i try to call it after the submit is pressed its giving me a complete different value. If i remove the function secure_session_start() and just use session_start() it works: RESULT (using session_start() ) ========================== AFTER PRESSING SUBMIT ========================== Value of $_POST["hashed_token"] = a5eaaaa38c428af623a599e664ea9c64a2ff0674e18e9250c54e52bbc586b614 Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = a5eaaaa38c428af623a599e664ea9c64a2ff0674e18e9250c54e52bbc586b614 ========================== BEFORE PRESSING SUBMIT ========================== Value of $_SESSION["hashed_token"] = e2d4acc239a747217860d71a80553abd41142dbeb8f6fafab511caff8a081fc4 Any ideas why this is happening? The problem is inside the secure_session_start() function but i cant find out why. Also, when i use the secure_session_start() function and more specifically the ini_set("session.save_path", "/home/SESSIONS"); i am forcing the session to be stored inside the /home/SESSIONS folder. But when i only use the session_start() the session i still gets stored inside that path. I checked my .htaccess and there is nothing storing the sessions in that folder. Why is that? One last thing: When using FIREBUG-->Cookies is see 2 names: the custom one (TESTSESSID) and PHPSESSID(which is the default). Shouldnt i only see the custom session name only? Thanks in advance.
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