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Found 2 results

  1. I hope that this is a simple fix that I can't for the life of me see. I have a page which selects data from a database for a selected person within a selected month which is used to provide an employee with their current or historic earnings. Up until the end of April you could hit the print button and it would print out the page as per what is on the screen (text only) in the correct layout minus the colours and boxes etc, this sufficed perfectly well. Then in May for no apparent reason the information that was collected from the database still displayed but now also has the url printed out, this is also the case when you use the browser print function. Please see the attached image of both scenarios. Any thoughts or help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian.
  2. common


    Hi Guys, I am working on 2 pages. One page has a list of accounts with a form and this is submitted to second page. The second page displays html of documents(like invoices and so on.) that need to be printed. The system I work in is a couple of pages in framesets. Now I want to have the html in the second page printed without showing the second page. So in other words: When the submit button is clicked I need the print box popup and when print is clicked the second page needs to be printed. Now what I have done, is to add a another frame to the frameset with a with of 0, so it will not be visible in the browser. And after the second page loads, I use the window.print() function to bring up the print box. My problem is, that this only works when I open the second page in a new window. And nothing happens when I open the second page in the additional frame. Now I havn't tried thisyet, but belives if I use parent.[framename].print() it will work for the frame. I want it work in both when opening the page in a new window and when I open it in the Additional frames. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks in advance
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