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FMP initial user testing


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Hi all,


I need to get some initial user feedback and apply any changes that need to be made as soon as I can.


This project is an online email reader.


You can access the reader at http://www.mail.nuttycoder.net


You can login with various email providers so far I have tested it with my own email @nuttycoder.net, Gmail, AOL, AIM, and Karoo at present hotmail and its variants do not work as they use http connections, Also I have not tested this with yahoo as I don't have a premium account with them. It should work with other email providers too if it does not please let me know.


You login with your existing email address and password this connects directly to your email provider and not the mail program itself.


This project is not complete and there are still ongoing issues and sections yet to be completed.


At present you cannot edit/delete any mailsboxes or move any emails to any mailbox there is no attachment support and html email do no show up correctly as there are extra information designed for the application to display the email which should not be shown but currently are.


Also all emails are shown on one page this will be changed to limit so many per page.


If you want to help me out please visit my reader and have a play with it after that visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=a2dd6j5Vvzm9KR8gFlczHA_3d_3d and fill in the survey .


thanks guys.

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