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Where oh where has the documentation gone?


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For some unknown reason, the extending php4 section of the manual at php.net has been removed. Extening php3 remains, but four is kaput. phpfreaks.com still has it available, here http://phpfreaks.com/phpmanual/page/zend.html.


<Lateralus> phillip: Ping?

<Lateralus> anyone know why the extending php4 section of the manual was removed?

<Lateralus> mattmcc: do you know? :)

<mattmcc> Lateralus: I wasn\'t aware it was missing. :)

<mattmcc> Maybe it was too bit rotted.

<Lateralus> mattmcc: it is, it\'s crazy...

<Lateralus> mattmcc: extending php3 sits there, but 4 is gone :P

<mattmcc> Oh, good, because it\'s so important that we know how to extend PHP3 these days..

<Lateralus> mattmcc: indeed

<Lateralus> mattmcc: god knows where we would be without THAT documentation


If I get an answer as to why it was removed, I\'ll pass it along.

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