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Embedding PHP


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Has anyone managed to successfully embed php into a program? I\'ve been trying to but it keeps crashing. I do exactly as provided in phpembed.c but it just won\'t work. Have you guys had any luck with it?

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int main(int argc, char** argv){


zend_executor_globals executor_globals;



//php_embed_init(argc, argv);


char *php_code = \"return \"This is a test\";\";

zval retval;


zend_eval_string(php_code, &retval, \"Embedded Code\" TSRMLS_CC);




return 0;


This is the code that I was using just to see if it would do anything but it would crash on the PHP_EMBED_START_BLOCK macro. I think it was the php_embed_init function that phpembed.c creates.


This is steffc!!

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