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MarkSwingle.com - Please Critique


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blufish, I think as others have mentioned, it is perhaps too simple looking. As a rule, I have nothing against simple, but there is such a thing as being too simple IMO. I understand you designed with the intention of not using graphics, but if you have a look at even Google's home page, they have at least a little something as a graphic. Doesn't have to be large / intrusive.


There are different possibilites with regards to graphics and sprucing things up, ranging from free template stuff to other resources like icon sets. In fact, jcombs recently posted this free and excellent icon resource thread. Perhaps making use of some of those in some manner. Even just a few well chosen, well placed small graphics can add to the look and feel of things.


As far as ads are concerned, I personally wouldn't bother. It doesn't really serve anything.


I wouldn't bury the contact link within the about me page.. It is conventional to offer the contact link as a menu item out in the open so-to-speak.


You may want to screen your guestbook signings.. I'm reading a few comments there that do reflect poorly.


I find the breadcrumbs (i.e MarkSwingle.com > About Me) look odd being at the very top of the page..Since your main navigation isn't a vertical list on the side (nor a breadcrumb format in and of itself) I think it would be better below your menu instead. IMO, as far as navigation design is concerned, I keep the top menu as the highest tier of navigation (no other navigational link comes before it). This example from Pattern Tap illustrates this.


Your CSS doesn't validate.



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