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Brian W

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I'm working on a CAPTCHA system and would like some feedback.

$_GET['Chars'] can be between 5&50 (try 50 :-) for testing.

Security includes:

characters are random from list A-Za-z1-9 (besides i and l)

each character is randomly 1 of 4 fonts (Arial, Times, Courier, and "IrisUPC Bold Italic")

characters are slanted at random angle between -30 and 30

all entities are randomly colored with text being slightly darker in nature

curves and thick lines behind text and thing lines in-front of text

Is this a good CAPTCHA for serious use? I;n open for suggestions...



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Woops, didn't notice the "Beta Test Your Stuff" board. sorry. Got to "Critique" and thought I was in the right place.


I'm not being case sensitive at the moment so O and o will work the same. does case sensitivity add a whole lot of extra strength?


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