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eval() boolean statement

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This has been bugging me.

I'm testing if a list of varibles (from a seperate list)I get from extract() from MySQL query is equal to "Y". Do a boolean compairason for each one (this is from a much larger thing). I'm calling this inside a function call

I keep getting "Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/thescriptwholedirectoryremoved.php(781) : eval()'d code on line 1"

here is the statement I use:

eval("return (\$" . $key . " == \"Y\")")

when I actually print the evaluated statement in PHP, it prints out as:
return ($carreq == "Y")

which is correct, but, eval gives me an error. please help

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thank you.

can you please explain why I got that error. earlier (before i posted here) I even took out the $ completly just cause I was getting pissed, and it still said "Unexpected $". How could it be unexpected, there was no $ at all.

edit: ahhh, it was the semicolon. I had no idea I would have to put one in there on a bool compairason. I don't for my other ones (of course for those, I was passing them alone as an argument), but appearently you have to for eval with a return statement. Thank you

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