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[SOLVED] embedding html in php


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Can somebody please tell me what's the problem in following code. I am getting a syntax error


<?php if($employed=="yes")
echo"<table width="934" border="1">
	<td width="260">Will join under basic salary?</td>
	<td width="127"><?=$minpay?> </td>
	<td width="135"><div align="right">Expected Salary?</div></td>
	<td width="384"><?=$expectedsalary?> </td>
	<td>Under any contractual obligations to serve Central/State Govt. /Any other PSU      or Autonomous body?: </td>
	<td><?=$contract?> </td>
	<td><div align="right">Details</div></td>
	<td><?=$contractdetail?> </td>
	<td>Total Experience</td>
	<td colspan="3"><?=$yearex?> years <?=$monthex?> months </td>
	<td height="62">Nature of work in previous job</td>
	<td colspan="3"><?=$naturewrk?> </td>

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