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include file question


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Here's the part of the URL "res_site-admin.php?ta=21&id=8"


Here's the php code

  if(isset($_GET['ta'])) {
    if($t==1) {
      echo "<table class='notice'><tr><td width='40' align='right'><b>Notices:</b></td><td>";
      if(isset($_GET['er'])) {
        if($er==1) { echo "User successfully edited!"; }
        elseif($er==2) { echo "User successfully deleted!"; }
        elseif($er==3) { echo "User successfully added!"; }
      else { echo " "; }
      echo "</td></tr></table>
      <p class='section_text'>User management</p>";
    elseif($t==2) { include("$url/pages/siteadmin_t2.php"); }
  else { echo "<span class='notice_text'>Choose a task above</span>"; }


Now in siteadmin_t2.php I have the following code

<?php if(isset($_GET['id'])) { echo " value='" .$rpgbuilder->getdata("SELECT title FROM news WHERE article_id='$_GET[id]'"). "'"; } ?>

but, $_GET['id'] doesn't seem to be present for siteadmin_t2.php to use. So in the include how can I ensure the URL variables are available to siteadmin_t2.php?


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I haven't tested it, but an idea..


Add the:




just before the include on the first script.  This way it pulls the data from the first page, and can then use it in the sideadmin_t2.php as it's below that.


Hope that helps.



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What is the value of $url? Because if you include a file like so:


you are actually running that script independently, and then including the output.


if you want to include a local php script, use a filename instead of a url:


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