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have a problem in class and ADODB

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its like this have this file
i try connect the adodb user this code area
if (!defined("Site_Path")) {
if (!defined("_ServerCrc")) {
define("_ServerCrc" , md5($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']));
include (Site_Path."/configs/db.conf");
include (Site_Path."/libs/core/functions.inc");
include (Site_Path."/libs/core/Db.cls.inc");
include (Site_Path."/libs/Driver/adodb.inc.php");
include (Site_Path."/libs/smarty/Smarty.class.php");
$smarty = new Smarty;
$smarty->template_dir = 'tpl/';
$smarty->compile_dir = 'cache/Tpls/';
$smarty->config_dir = 'configs/';
$smarty->cache_dir = 'cache/';
if (!is_a($Db)) {
$Db = new DbStrc(__DbCache__);
$Db->debug = true;
$not_enter = array("login" , "post");
if (!in_array($_GET['atc'],$not_enter)) {
if (!$_SESSION['UserName']) {
and i try to enable  sql selective
using this code
$arrTab = array(
    $arrFil = array(
    array(TB_users , "id as id"),
    array(TB_users , "username as username") ,
    array(TB_users , "password as pass") ,
    array(TB_users , "usertype as is_admin") ,
    array(TB_users , "loged as loged")
    $pass = md5(sha1(md5(base64_encode(bin2hex(hexdec(md5($_PO  ST[password])))))));
    $user = $_POST[username];
    if ($pass&&$user) {
    echo $user;
    $where = TB_users .".username = '".$user."' and ".TB_users .".password = '$pass'";
    $recordSet = $Db->GetLnk();
    if ($recordSet->RecordCount()!=0) {
    $err = $user;
    $_SESSION['UserName'] = $user;
the problome that it's give any date
and its say that $recordSet->RecordCount()!= is not object and its most be object plz how i can fix this thx in advs if some not understand plz tell me

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