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sql string querying with wildcard


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I currently have a php file that runs when users submit text in certain fields around my site. Right now, the file only looks for specifics words I enter into a table, and it only finds exact words. What I want to do is have the sql tring be able to use wildcard values around the {invalid_word} tag so it can find and prevent a user from submitting text if a long word contains the text on my banned list. Like, if I banned the word hair, and someone tried using the word hairball, it would let them. This is what the current php file code is




# @param $str - takes an argument as an string
# match with database keywords
# return true if bad word found
# return false if bad word not found

function findBadWords( $str ){

	$return = false;

	if( strlen( $str ) > 0 ) {
		$sql 		= "SELECT * FROM tbl_invalidunm WHERE MATCH (invalid_word) AGAINST (LCASE('".$str."') IN BOOLEAN MODE)";
		$rs 		= mysql_query( $sql ) or die( "Invalid query - ". mysql_error() );

			$row_count 	= mysql_num_rows($rs);

			if( $row_count > 0 ) {
				$return = true;
		} // if
	} // if
	return $return;

} // end function 


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