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Order query results by columns

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I\'m trying to order a mysql query by column, not by rows.

Let\'s say I have 6 results, so I want to output on screen smth. like:


1 | 4

2 | 5

3 | 6


and NOT like:


1 | 2

3 | 4

5 | 6




The code I currently use is [results are ordered in 2 columns]:



<TABLE width="85%" ALIGN="CENTER">

   <tr><td class="barre"> <font class="lien"><a href="../">Linkuri.ro</a> <? echo $a[0]; ?></font> </td></tr>

   <tr><td  class="barreclair">< </td></tr>


if ($ad==1) $query="SELECT * FROM $tablecatannu WHERE attach=\'$num\' ORDER BY $tri_cat ASC";

 else $query="SELECT * FROM $tablecatannu WHERE attach=\'$num\' AND actif=\'1\' ORDER BY $tri_cat ASC";

$result=mysql_query($query); if (!$result) { echo "<BR><FONT class=\'texte\'>Error!</FONT><BR>"; exit(); }


echo "<TABLE align=\'center\' width=\'85%\'>";

for ($i=0; $i<$n-1; $i=$i+2)

 { //left column








 echo "<TR><TD width=\'40%\' align=\'left\'>";


 if ($sous_cat!="") echo "<FONT class=\'lienp\'>$sous_cat</FONT>";

 echo "</TD>";

 //right column








 echo "<TD width=\'40%\' align=\'left\'>";


 if ($sous_cat!="") echo "<FONT class=\'lienp\'>$sous_cat</FONT>";

 echo "</TD></TR>";


if ($n%2==1) 










 echo "<TR><TD width=\'$size%\' colspan=\'2\'>";


 if ($sous_cat!="") echo "<FONT class=\'lienp\'>$sous_cat</FONT>";

 echo "</TD></TR>";



echo "</TABLE>";




Any ideas?



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You code currently gives you


i | i+1

i+2 | i+3



n-1 | n


or something like that... Right ?


You want:


i | k + 1

i+1 | k +2

i+2 | k + 3



So if you have a total of 53 rows, k should be 27, resulting in 27 rows in the table, the last row consisting of 1 output only.


Calculate $n as you do. Make $k = ceiling($n/2)

Now you may use




$n = number of rows in query result;

$k = number of rows/2 rounded up //ceiling will be the last result in left coloumn.

$i = 0; // counter for output row

While $i < $k; $i++;{

//Left column:


//Right coloumn




This should work. You\'ll have to add some checking whether the number of rows is even or not (in the sql result) and adjust the output accordingly.


I hope this helps,

P., denmark

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