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Use PHP file to access images in Amazon S3 bucket

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I am trying to configure my stock image site to use Amazon S3 to store the images.


I need to figure out how I can make a PHP file that will grab the imagewhen called, I would like to be able to do something like this:


<img src="/getimage.php?src=/content/folder/imagename.jpg">


This would make it easy to implement on my site, however I have no idea how I can make the PHP file that will grab the image.


I looked through the documentation on the API and it is way out of my league. Can anyone help me with something like this?


Here is a link to some of the docs, but I can't make sense of it all.



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Nevermind, I realized that I can just link directly to the image from the amazon site, and I learned how I can secure the files so people can't download them all.

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