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White Noise - Please view website and review it :)


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You know.. as I started looking at it I noticed a few things.. #1 it looks very.. glassy you know what I'm saying? It has a real modern feel to it.. but I can't get over how FAT the logo is.. cut it in half, right down the middle.. it will STILL look sexy..


You could also do with some slim fast on the menu buttons aswell, they look nice, but they're too fat, even in contrast to the big fat logo its sitting inside of (Get in mah belleh!)


I also feel like there is too much padding going on.. you know? like the site just looks akward when you look at it.. and I was looking so hard at it to see why my subconscious was flaring.. and its the blue text.. where does blue text fit in to the whole green scheme? ALSO the text is just kinda floating all around in the background gray.. when EVERYTHING ELSE has some sort of container, the uniformity is bad...


but other than the above I really dig the site.. you should just shorten the logo to half size.. don't shrink it crop it.. trust me.. cut the buttons in half give them some lipo suction! give the blue text a new race (Nobody likes them damn blues!)  and give them some kind of home.. a container.. because they look lost..

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Haha nope.. which brings me to another good point of advice, many people make the mistake as using links to represent your voice, it isn't. plain and simply you should for the most part have it say "Click Here" or "Login" or "Register" its the most affective way of getting someone to click it.


if its saying like "Buy this fabulous keyring for $19.99 by clicking HERE"


lol people actually make that whole thing a link.. instead make it like


Buy this fabulous keyring for $19.99 by clicking "HERE"


here being the link.. thats more effective. so you should change those links to just.. "Register" and "Log in" or Already Registered? "Click here to Log In" or "click here" to log in!


anyway, I don't make many friends critiquing websites lol.. I've already made a very angry hippy mad at me. But what I say is the truth and I say it in hopes you consider it :) But when it comes down to the very moment where it could be a change or no change, you're the man who makes the decisions so my opinion is just that.. an opinion.



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ok, imo the first thing i noticed is that the logo is WAY too tall.. you could do with 100 or 150 px just fine, it takes up way to much of my screen, and i lose out seeing more info on the site.


i do like the "feel" of the site, very modern.


note: Extras doesn't have an apostrophe (not "Extra's").


i'd also agree that you should just have links that say "Register" or "Login" instead of the "Why not register with us?" or what you have.

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no i haven't registered, i would suggest most information is available without registering if possible.


also, i see the registration is a separate window, i would suggest integrating it into the actual site layout.

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Yeah, do you know how to embed for example into a HTML document, because the register and login is PHP...do you know how to add the code into a HTML file from a PHP file?


well, i'm pretty sure you would need to switch your site over php (ie. index.php not index.html if that's what you have).

once you do that, you can just "include" the login page right in the html like this.

...first part of html site here...
<?php include("register_page.php"); ?>
..rest of html here...


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Dont make any difference what so ever.


I dont know if you know but is there a code where you can login (which i have) and then when you logged in you can create and edit a profile?


ok so are you pasting that include code, editing the name of your file location, and it's not showing anything at all? also, is the file that you're putting it into a php file (ie. ends in .php)?


creating profiles etc can become complicated, what you will probably need to learn is SQL if you haven't already.  In order to "create a profile, edit, update" etc, you will need a DATABASE.  Then using PHP, you will have the user access the database to update his/her information, and then it will save the changes on your server.  without this kind of database, it's impossible to store the user's information so he/she can come back to it later.

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I dont think your understanding me! I dont want to learn it, i want a tutorial (script) for user profile.


it's not something you can just copy and paste.. it's a more complicated process and i'd suggest learning whatever you decide to use.


Here's an outline of what you'll need to know:

registration page:

-create database (probably in PHP MyAdmin or similar)

-create table for users in SQL

-connect to database on page

-PHP registration script on page that creates a new row in table "users"


profile page:

-connect to database

-display user's data (accessing it from table in database)

-use an html <form> to input data-- and then use PHP/SQL to Insert/Update this data in database

-re-display updated data.


Search google if you want a more in depth tutorial, but you're going to have to learn some PHP and SQL for this to work.

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