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What would be the Smiley shortcuts for these.....


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I would appreciate a little help from some of you today with getting shortcuts for the following smileys.


the list below shows all the emoticons and i have indented the ones that i already know of.

the ones that have '---' at the start are not assigned yet.


I have tried to look around but as yet can not seem to find much on google that shows a complete or part list of these icons.


I have also attached a zip of these icons.


	0:-)	emoticons_angel.gif
	>:-(	emoticons_angry.gif
---	emoticons_applause.gif
---	emoticons_biggthumpup.gif
---	emoticons_bow.gif
---	emoticons_censored.gif
---	emoticons_clap_hands.gif
---	emoticons_confused.gif
---	emoticons_confusedsquare.gif
	B-)		emoticons_cool.gif
	:'-)	emoticons_crybaby.gif
---	emoticons_dancing.gif
---	emoticons_drink.gif
---	emoticons_email_me.gif
---	emoticons_embarressed.gif
---	emoticons_fingers_crossed.gif
---	emoticons_food.gif
---	emoticons_freaks.gif
	;-)=)	emoticons_grin.gif
	:-D		emoticons_happy.gif
---	emoticons_helpbanner.gif
---	emoticons_hoorray.gif
---	emoticons_indifferent.gif
---	emoticons_lookin.gif
---	emoticons_mad.gif
---	emoticons_no_idea.gif
---	emoticons_no_no.gif
---	emoticons_ok.gif
---	emoticons_ooohhh.gif
---	emoticons_ROFL.gif
---	emoticons_rolleyes.gif
	:-(		emoticons_sad.gif
	:-<		emoticons_sad_no.gif
---	emoticons_salute.gif
	:-Z		emoticons_sleeping.gif
	:-)		emoticons_smile.gif
---	emoticons_sparkle.gif
---	emoticons_thankyou.gif
---	emoticons_thinking.gif
---	emoticons_thumb_index_little_finger.gif
---	emoticons_thumb_down.gif
---	emoticons_thumb_up.gif
---	emoticons_two_thumbs_up.gif
---	emoticons_wave.gif
	;-)		emoticons_wink.gif
---	emoticons_yes.gif


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