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Cake: passing values to a function


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I'm new to Cake (and using frameworks in general). I think I am having a syntax issue here. What I am trying to do is pass a value back to the function and then load a page based on the value passed:


Here's my controller:



    class BlogpostsController extends AppController { 
        var $name = "Blogposts";
        var $scaffold;
        function index() {
        function viewuser($userid) { 
            $this->set('thisuser', $this->User->find($userid));


In my cpt file I have this:


<td class="user"><?=$html->link($post['User']['name'], 'viewuser');?></td>


I know this won't work because I am not passing anything to viewuser, I get this error message:


Warning (2) <javascript:void(0);> : Missing argument 1 for viewuser() [APP/controllers/blogposts_controller.php, line 13]


Which is good, in a way. But if I rewrite it like this:


<td class="user"><?=$html->link($post['User']['name'], 'viewuser("1")');?></td>


I get another error:


Missing Method in BlogpostsController

Error: The action viewuser("1") is not defined in controller BlogpostsController


Which seems to be telling me I am not writing the syntax for passing values correctly...

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This is happening because you probably haven't called the class as an object.


You'll need to call the class as an object first.

$bpControl = new BlogpostsController();


and then call the function within the class by doing something like this:


$userGet = $bpControl->viewuser("1");


That should solve the "method" error and all that. If you want to understand more about Objects, Classes and all that I provided a link, but here it is again: http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.php

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