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Design Opinions please


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The design itself looks okay.  I am liking your little men who look a bit confused :).


I would suggest redoing some of the images as they seem to have quite jagged edges.  If you have access to Photoshop, you should be able to clean them up quite easily in Quick Mask Mode.  I would suggest updating the logo too as it needs "tidying" a little.


Oh, and it says iStockPhoto too on some images ;) lol (sorry I had to :)).


The only other thing I would say is what is the website trying to achieve?  I tried a few searches and everything that appears in the search results seems to be products rather than anything else (oh I found 1 job listing).  My main concern is that it *looks* like it is a site that gives relevant links based on your search to products that come from about two websites. 

I guess you are an affiliate of these websites, therefore earn commission through people searching and clicking a link on your site.  The main issue here is that if the same websites pop up again and again, users will see that there isn't much use for your site and will open the actual retailer website and search from there instead of coming back to you.

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Thanks for the comments, always helpful.


it is a site that gives relevant links based on your search


Sort of but once you search for something and click on the item, it will take you to more detailed description of the Product, Review and Articles containing info like prices, authors, sources etc before then giving you the link to the site.


Ok, the fact that you were finding only reviews was probably down to what you were searching for.

Try searching for 'dell laptops' or something...


You found a job listing due to a bug in the scripts, which i've sorted now.


what is the website trying to achieve?


Do you simply mean to put something on the front page explaining the site a bit more?


Regards, Magnetica

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The images are cut out poorly .. it seems like you put a transparent background on some gifs and it looks bad on what would otherwise be some pretty decent images. I don't see why I would go to this site instead of just going to google but the design is nice and clean aside from the images.

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