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New MVC framework posted

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I am effectively moving my post here from the Website Critique forum.

Hey all, I just uploaded the source code to a framework I've been working on for a little while now. I'm looking for developers to help me continue to work on it (though criticism is welcome). It's a very alpha release, so I know there's lots to fix.

The demo is a quick Test action that I threw up to show how the framework can handle multiple request protocols and always respond correctly. It accepts SOAP requests, XML-RPC requests, as well as standard POST/GET which will output in WAP when appropriate or when AJAX is requested, outputs raw XML. Just enter a name into the text box, select an output method and the request/response cells will show the text that is sent/returned.


If you decide you are interested in helping out or would like to download the source, the homepage is


There's also a wiki up that doesn't have a whole lot of info, but lays out the basics pretty well.

From the wiki:
[size=14pt]What is Phritz?[/size]

Phritz is a lightweight, extensible MVC (Model View Controller) framework for web application development. The main goal and purpose of Phritz is to allow developers to create display independant, standard-compliant programs in PHP.

[size=14pt]How does it work?[/size]

Phritz works by parsing incoming requests to determine the format of the request. These requests are then wrapped in a simple Request object that is passed to a specified Controller which then passes that request to the requested method. Responses are returned in a simple Response object that is passed to the View object that corresponds to the type of request made (i.e. SOAPView,RPCView, HTMLView, etc). The View object formats the response variables appropriately and displays the finished result.

[size=14pt]What display types does Phritz support?[/size]

Currently, Phritz supports output in xHTML, WML, SOAP, XML-RPC, and AJAX(XML). I am also planning on supporting JSON and RSS.

[size=14pt]What's the point?[/size]

The trends toward non-standard access of web data (i.e. not through a browser) are undeniable. The use of Web Services is increasing, creating "mash-up" websites that people can use to access the content of any number of other sites. Desktop gui applications such as Flock, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. are increasingly utilizing the web services of sites to allow users to obtain data without ever loading a web page. In addition, the use of mobile browsers is increasing, forcing companies to rewrite entire applications to output WAP format instead of standard HTML. The goal of Phritz is to facilitate the move toward these trends by allowing developers to create applications that offer these web services and WAP compatible content without having to go through the hassle of coding them manually.

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