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Hack my website, if you so please.


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I am working on a new website and I want it to be free of security holes. Before I continue let me add some things:

  • I downloaded the template to have some pretty interface, I hate downloaded templates and plan on creating my own later when I get time.
  • Your goal is to create an account on the website.
  • Your second goal is to gain administrative access of the website.
  • Please break the website as much as possible, I have it backed up.
  • Email system is not working at all, not finished.
  • Please provide your exploits and how you did it.
  • Proof of ownership: http://www.krazypickem.com/ownership/phpfreaks.txt
  • Finally, The Website: http://www.krazypickem.com


  • Not logged in message: "Welcome Guest!"
  • Logged in message: "Welcome -INSERT USER'S NAME HERE-!"
  • Admin Message : "Welcome Admin -INSERT USER'S NAME HERE-!"


Thanks guys, for your help. Like I said do your worst.


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