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Trying to change inline image conditionally in an array...help


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Currently, I insert a small thumbnail image at the begging of each row in a set of records from a mysql query. But that image is the same image for each record in that array.


Is there a way to conditionally change which image is used, based on a value either in that same table, or a related table.

See attached screenshot... and here's my current code....

$query = "select address from nvc";
$result = mysql_query($query);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC))
$details.='<li class="menu"><a href=detail.php?address='.(urlencode($row['address'])).'><img src="thumbs/house.png" /><span class="name">'.$row['city'].'</a>';


Thank you for any input.


[attachment deleted by admin]

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Very cool. I have some studying to do. I've never seen some of what you're used here. Thanks. I'll get to work.


np bro, I'll explain it :)


IFNULL simply checks if parameter 1 is null, if it is, return parameter 2, if it isn't null, it returns parameter 1 :)

(to make it make sense! IFNULL(param1,param2) )


LEFT JOIN is an OUTER JOIN, INNER JOIN is self explanatory :)


The difference between outer joins and inner joins, outer joins will not fail the selection if the ON parameter doesn't match, it will simply join a NULL ROW


so basically if there is NO ROW in `icons` for the address 'playground' then it will instead of not pull a row for 'playground' it will pull playground from `nvc` and a null row from `icons`..


so back to IFNULL, because IFNULL tests param1 against NULL, if `icons` doesn't have a row for the current `nvc` row, IFNULL(icons.icon,'defaultPicture.gif') will naturally return parameter2 which is the default picture for rows without a thumbnail :)


I gotta run out :)! Thanks for choosing PHPFreaks for your PHP help <33 *got paid $5 to say that.. cough cough* *not really, I just love this forum!*

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