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Sybase ASE 12.5 connection question


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I hope someone can help out.


I've got a database running Adaptive server 12.5 that I want to run queries against, but I'm having some trouble.


I have Open Client installed on the same box as my WAMP installation, but I'm not sure whether PHP is seeing the libraries that it needs to. (SQLAdvantage, which is installed by the OpenClient installer, is able to talk to the database so I think OpenClient is installed correctly).


I've added a line to the php.ini file to include a reference to the OpenClient dll folder (c:\program files\....\Sybase\...\dll)


Is there a configuration option for the Sybase libraries in php.ini or do they need to be copied into the PHP root / extensions folder? Or do I need to add other options to the PHP.ini file?


With thanks in advance




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