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sending radio button values through multiple different url?


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Hey all,

I have a radio button for each table row with a value corresponding to the row, I then have two hrefs  edit/delete which goes to different pages.


What i want to do is send the corresponding clicked radio button value with either the edit or delete href. At the moment im trying to send the value through the url using the get method but the value doesnt pass to the url once clicked.


How can i instantly validate a radio button clicked on the default page so i can send it through to the url before its clicked?


The variable i want to send through the radio button value is $row


Note: This is not the whole script only the loop that creates the radio buttons and hrefs. So the form tags etc are all included in the whole script.


function row_loop(){
	$rownum = 0;
	$row = 1;
	for($currentrow=0; $currentrow < $_SESSION['rows']; $currentrow++){
	echo "<tr>";
	echo "<td><input type='radio' name='rowid' value='$row'></td>";
	foreach($_SESSION['colid'] as &$value){
		$column = mysql_query("SELECT $value FROM weight_con ORDER BY UID");
		$data = mysql_result($column, $rownum);
			echo "<td></td>";
		echo "<td>".$data."</td>";
	echo "</tr>";
	echo "</table>";

function add_unit($row){
echo "<a href='edit_row.php'>Edit</a> / <a href='index.php'>Delete</a>";
echo "</form>";



This is what it looks likes to give an idea of what i mean :P


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I unfortunetly dont know js, but from other validators ive seen around im sure its not to hard to modify one with a bit of work.


I use this one to send new column name to another page but dont know how to modify for multipule radio buttons


<script type="text/javascript">
function ftest(){
function getRadioValue(id) {
var radioBtn = document.getElementById(id);

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I give you one of my functions which is solving the same task: creation of a correct link according to parameters that user entered.



function set_correct_reference()
    var date_process=document.getElementById( 'date_process' ).value;
    var date_process_end=document.getElementById( 'date_process_end' ).value;
    var load_stat_day=document.getElementById( 'load_stat_day' );
    var period_count=document.getElementById( 'period_count' ).value;
    var load_alc=document.getElementById( 'load_alcatel' );
    var load_alc_sim_eric=document.getElementById( 'load_alc_sim_eric' );
    var summary=document.getElementById( 'final_summary' );
    var util=document.getElementById( 'final_util' );
    var top20=document.getElementById( 'final_top20' );
    var final_load=document.getElementById( 'final_load' );

    if( period_count != 1 && period_count != 7 ) period_count=1;
    if( summary.checked ) final_load.href += '&summary';
    if( util.checked ) final_load.href += '&util';
    if( top20.checked ) final_load.href += '&top20';
    if( !summary.checked && !util.checked && !top20checked ) final_load.href = '';



Dates from <input  type="text" name="date_process" id="date_process" value="YYYY-MM-DD" onkeyup="set_correct_reference(); " size="15" />
to <input  type="text" name="date_process_end" id="date_process_end" value="YYYY-MM-DD" onkeyup="set_correct_reference(); " size="15" /> 
    <a id="load_alcatel" href="load_stat_day.php?what=alcatel" onclick="return confirm('Start processing Alcatel-specific data for  '+document.getElementById('date_process').value+'?' )" target="_blank">Prepare Alcatel-specific data
  <input type="checkbox" id="final_top20" checked="checked" onclick="set_correct_reference();" /> <label> Count TOP-20 </label><br />
  <a href="" id="final_load" target="_blank" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to start process for '+document.getElementById('date_process').value+'?')"> Start processing of all data according to selected parameters </a>


All that you need - (1) to understand this code and (2) adapt it for your needs.


As you see (or as you might see :)) when use change some parameters in any input kind many links are changed. User may enter text, set or unset checkboxes - all this actions a reflected immediately in that links.


I hope it will help you.


PS. Of course, I call function set_correct_reference() for the first time just when my page is loaded.

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thanks for posting that code but i found this javascript code last night before i saw this post and have got it to alert the result once button is clicked but i need to know how to now send that radio variable thru the button url via onclick.



<input type=button value='Edit' onclick='location.href=\"edit_row.php?row=javascript:getRadioValue(value)\"'>


This is of course wrong as Ive now been working with js for 3 hours.




    function getRadioValue(radioObject) {
          var value = null
          for (var i=0; i<radioObject.length; i++) {
               if (radioObject[i].checked) {
                    value = radioObject[i].value;
                    break ;
          return value

echo "<td><input type='radio' id='rowid' value='".$row."' name='row'></td>";

echo "<input type=button value='Edit' onclick="[b]Unknown_JS_Code[/b]">";


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Found the code i was looking for javascript now looks like soo.

<script type="text/javascript">
function radio(radioObject) {
var value = null
for (var i=0; i<radioObject.length; i++) {
	 if (radioObject[i].checked) {
		  value = radioObject[i].value;
		  document.links["editlink"].href = "edit_row.php?rowid="+radioObject[i].value;
		  document.links["deletelink"].href = "index.php?delete="+radioObject[i].value;
		  break ;
return value


was looking for "document.links["deletelink"].href" i think i now have a new love for javascript really makes forms and submissions easy.

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