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Data displaying at bottom of code?


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Hi guys, I have a problem.. I have a table which shows the results, but the table is showing right at the bottom below the button "delete members" although the code is right above it so I don't really understand.. and hope someone can shed the light?




include "connect.php";
die('You have no access to this page.');

//Check if records were submitted for deletion
if(isset($_POST['id']) && count($_POST['id']))
    //Ensure values are ints
    $deleteIDs = implode(', ', array_map('intval', $_POST['id']));
    $query = "DELETE FROM member WHERE id IN ({$deleteIDs})";
    //Debug line
    echo "Successfuly deleted member(s)";
    mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
  	<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="view.css" media="all">
<script type="text/javascript" src="view.js"></script>
<body id="main_body" >

<img id="top" src="top.png" alt="">
<div id="form_container">

<h1>Consult, Modify or Delete a Member</h1>

	<form id="form_362567" class="appnitro"  method="post" action="searchmember.php">
				<div class="form_description">
		<h2> Consult, Search, Modify or Delete a Member</h2>
		<ul >

				<li class="section_break">

<br>Search members with any keyword or character within the options id/email/firstname/lastname/phone/address1/address2/city/county/postcode - relevant matches will show.<br><br>
<input id="search" name="search" class="element text medium" type="text" maxlength="50" value=""/> <br><br>
<b>Search on</b>:<br>
<select name="searchvalue" id="searchvalue">
	<option name="id" id="id">id</option>
<option name="email" id="email">email</option>
    <option name="firstname" id="firstname">firstname</option>
    <option name="lastname" id="lastname">lastname</option>
    	<option name="phone" id="phone">phone</option>
    	   <option name="address1" id="address1">address1</option>
    <option name="address2" id="address2">address2</option>
    	<option name="city" id="city">city</option>
    	   <option name="county" id="county">county</option>
    <option name="postcode" id="postcode">postcode</option>
</select><br><input type='submit' value='Search' name='go' /><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Cancel" onClick="history.go(-1);return true;"><br>
To consult or modify a profile click on the member's E-mail address.	<li class="section_break">

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM member");
<table border='1'>
<th>First Name</th>
<th>Last Name</th>
<th>Phone Number</th>
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))

echo "<form action='' method='POST'>";  

  echo "<tr>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['firstname'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['lastname'] . "</td>";
    echo "<td>" . $row['phone'] . "</td>";
      echo "<td>" . $row['postcode'] . "</td>";
      	echo "<td>";
      	echo '<a href="consultmember.php?email=';
echo $row['email'];
echo '">';
echo $row['email'];
echo "</a></td>";
	echo "<td><input type='checkbox' name='id[]' value='{$row['id']}' /></td>";
  echo "</tr>";

<br><input type='submit' value='Delete Members' name='delete' /><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Cancel" onClick="history.go(-1);return true;"><br>
		<div id="footer">

<img id="bottom" src="bottom.png" alt="">


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