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mssql centos php unable to connect to database.


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  I need some help i am missing something i think i just don't know what.


I have a centos server that a member of the domain.  I have php apache installed and working.


I want to connect to an mssql server that is used by the company for different reasons.


I have installed freetds, linuxODBC.  They are working perfect from the command line.  I can connect to the mssql server via terminal.


But i can not access the server through php and i am not sure why.


Here is my php code.


$vocname = 'voc';
$vocpass = 'VOC';
$vocserv = 'Driver={voc};Server=';
$vocdata = 'voc';

$link = mssql_connect($vocserv, $vocname, $vocpass);

if (!$link) {
    die('Unable to connect or select database');

# mssql_select_db($vocdata, $link);

$version = mssql_query('SELECT @@VERSION');
$row = mssql_fetch_array($version);

echo $row[0];



I have tried and bunch of differnet combos with the server name and connection type.  I tried to use just the odbc php mod but that didn't work either.


The only error i get in error_log from apache is that it is unable to connect.  Can anyone give some advice.

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