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Script fails if value inside an array doesnt exist


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I have this code below which seems to completely fail sending my laptop cpu fan on a frenzy. All I am wanting to do is find whether the id in the url is located inside the array below else state its not in an error saying its not a valid id (for people who change the url shown below). At the moment it doesnt like the else statement if the isset clause it not true. (I have also tried, array_key_exists)


All I can think is that it get stuck looking for an id that doesnt exist inside the array but keeps searching though I dont know much about arrays etc. Besides this when a id is inside the array the script works like I want it to.

Any ideas would be much appreciated as this is hold me back at the moment :(


//url: http://localhost/website/shop.php?id=10197

// Array is built from table prior to this as it will grow in size
$_SESSION['storesProducts'] = Array ( [10197] => 0 [10198] => 0 [10199] => 1 [10200] => 1 [10201] => 1 [10202] => 1 [10205] => 0 [10206] => 1 [10207] => 1 )

$storesProducts = $_SESSION['storesProducts'][$id];
if($storesProducts == 0){
	$list = $this->displayCategories($id);
	$createProducts = new constructProducts();
	$products = $createProducts->pagination($id);
$list = "ITS NOT HERE";
$output = new outputShop();
$output->display($list, $products);

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