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What type of Database file is .AC ?

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Hello All,


I am working on a php uploader script which extracts (parses) data from a particular file (120406.aca). I was wondering if anyone knows how to read/extract data from the attached file (zipped so it would take it). When I open it in notepad I get strange characters and no other program I know can open it. Google doesn't even know.


Its actually a .AC file, the .AC(x) where (x) is a variable. I know this is a database file as Access '97 can open it, but with many errors.


I have attached the file to see if anyone can make heads or tails of it. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide me with.


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I've never heard of a file extension containing a variable, ever! (Someone please correct me if that's wrong, but I doubt it).


Microsoft Agent file known as an Agent Character Animation file. Further details @http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/aca.


And just because a piece of software can open a file it doesn't mean the file is associated with it. In-fact, file extensions are interpreted by the operating system with the files system defining the rules for how to identify the file extension which may well be disguised. Notepad for example can open almost anything, it doesn't mean anything is associated with it however.

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