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I would like someone to analyze my website and what could be done to improve it.  I know the graphics are blah but I'm not proficient in that and neither am I proficient in coding.  So just let me know what could be spruced up.




This website is focused on giving the user more information on the services I offer.  My sister is an English major and will be revamping the home page, hours of availability and contact me pages with proper and amazing English like she did to the other pages.

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The site extends over to the right if the users monitor is not a widescreen.

I myself am not crazy about the layout and style.

There are many sample stylesheets can find on the net to improve the look of your site.

Here is just one example of a fluid layout the will do 800x600 to 1920x1080 resolution



No doctype stated



There are no <body></body> tags.


Use of meta tags should be used.



There are also other methods to get nicer urls



Could very well be



You could just make folders and drop an index.php file in each to get them that way, or use rewrite rules.



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