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Azure Sql - Freetds - Specific Database


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Hi all,


First off, please excuse my ignorance, I've not used PHP before today...


I'm trying to connect to an a Microsoft Azure SQL Database (which is a hosted version of SQL 2008) using MSSQL_Connect and FreeTDS. I believe that because of the way Azure works, you *HAVE* to specify a database to connect to.


I can run this successfully:


tsql -S AZURE -D 'DatabaseName' -U 'username@database.database.windows.net' -P 'password'


However, when I try and run this (in PHP), it does not work:





if (!$connection = @mssql_connect( 'AZURE' , 'username@database.database.windows.net', 'password')) {

print("Could not connect!");

} else {





My '/usr/local/etc/freetds.conf' looks like this:



host = database.database.windows.net

port = 1433

tds version = 7.2

client charset = UTF-8

encryption = required


TSQL -C outputs this:



Compile-time settings (established with the "configure" script)

Version: freetds v0.91

freetds.conf directory: /etc

MS db-lib source compatibility: yes

Sybase binary compatibility: yes

Thread safety: yes

iconv library: yes

TDS version: 4.2

iODBC: no

unixodbc: yes

SSPI "trusted" logins: no

Kerberos: yes


When I run the PHP, I get this in the freetds dump file:


net.c:1370:handshake succeeded!!

gssapi.c:215:kerberos name MSSQLSvc/database.database.windows.net:1433

login.c:466:login packet rejected

util.c:156:Changed query state from IDLE to DEAD

util.c:331:tdserror(0xb25da0, 0xc75880, 20002, 0)

dblib.c:7929:dbperror(0xc74d60, 20002, 0)

dblib.c:7981:20002: "Adaptive Server connection failed"

dblib.c:8002:"Adaptive Server connection failed", client returns 2 (INT_CANCEL)


Any ideas? I've gone none, so any help would be massively appreciated.


Many thanks,



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Per the following from MSDN try changing your username to username@database. See if that gets you anywhere

For example, if your login was named login1 and the fully qualified name of your SQL Database server is servername.database.windows.net, the username parameter of your connection string should be: login1@servername.
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