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Need to figure out variable Y & structure to define in PHP


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I need some help to define a math equation, in PHP, that will determine the variable $y.

Example: (1.60 multiplied by  718) then divided by 3550 equals 0.328 (rounded up)


Equation: (1.60 * 718) / 3500 = 0.328



What i need to do is define a PHP formatted equation that will pass in the following:


$p = 1.60;

$c = 3500;

$e = 0.328


Which will then determine $y (which in the above example is 718)?

Note: should either of the other three variables change ($p, $c, $e), then $y value will dynamically adjust accordingly.



Any insight on how this can be defined in PHP appreciation - thx!

Note: I know the format - already stated - will work in PHP; I need to figure out how to render $y based on other known variables ($p, $c, $e)


That's my issue and my calucations - even knowing 718 is the answer based on those plugged in values - is unknown.



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