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unlink() permissions

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Hi Folks,


I'm running PHP 5.3.13 on IIS 7.  At the end of my script I need to unlink() expired files which are on a NAS that is a member of the AD Domain.  As you can guess by the title, this is failing for permissions restrictions.


I need to know the credentials I am using as the webserver so I can adjust the permissions on the NAS accordingly.  Is there a script equivalent to phpinfo() that would output to my log the security principals of the process running my script?


Also, I learned that the view of the filesystem from PHP, under IIS 7 at least, is not the same as the filesystem as viewed from a command prompt.  There are executables that are visible from the command prompt that are not visible from a PHP script and vice versa.  Does anybody have an explanation for this?  For instance, I wanted to run WBAdmin from a PHP script only to find that it is not visible to PHP!!!


Thanks for the help,



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