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Spaced Repetition System, Learning Algorithm


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While on vacation I had a lot of downtime and my handy Nexus 7. I got tired of studying Japanese vocabulary and realized that my problem was that I needed to learn more grammar to go with my growing vocabulary. Being a glutton for punishment, I decided that the best way to learn grammar was to create a program that would teach it. So, I began writing and now my little program can spit out some grammatically correct sentences in both languages. Next step is to make it quiz me on the grammar and vocabulary. Which brings me to my big question. I would like to use a spaced repetition system to maximize retention. I've Googled a bit and learned some things. The Leitner System seems pretty easy to understand but I'm guessing that there are better algorithms around. Ideally I'd like PHP/MySql code that I could integrate with my app (My preference is procedural because I am less comfortable with OO), second choice is pseudocode that I could turn into code, third choice is a clear description of a better algorithm than Leitner. So, can anybody point me to code or examples? Does anyone have experience with flashcard algorithms and can make suggestions on a different method or tweaks to Leitner?




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