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How to add a number to an int field?

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I have what i thought was a simple problem but i cant figure it out.

All i want to to, is add a value to an in field.




If i had an int field called number and in it was the value 5, what i want to do is add three to it so number becomes 8.


I use the UPDATE method in mysql like so


$sql = mysql_query("UPDATE profiles SET positive=$positive, negative=$negative,neutral=$neutral WHERE id=$to")


this is supposed to add the int value $positive ect to whats already in the positive column but the way i'm doing it now it just replaces whats in the column. So instead of adding 3 like my previous example to make 8, it replaces the 5 with 3.


Hope that makes sense. :)


Thanks for any help :)

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 $sql = mysql_query("UPDATE profiles SET positive=positive+$positive, negative=negative+$negative,neutral=neutral+$neutral WHERE id=$to")

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