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Template method pattern and process interruption


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As written in title, I use Template method pattern. Template method calls other overloaded methods with particular implementation, but how to solve situation, when this method need to break whole algorithm?

Yes, throw exception, that should be the way, but not every interruption is really exception. Is this a mistake in design, or there is any way to implement interruption of template method?

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Hallo, it's not easy to write short code, because full version of Controller is very complex (DI), but I try:

abstract class Controller {

  // Template method
  public final function control(...) {
    try {
      return $this->after();
    } catch ...


  protected function before(...) {
    // here is code to execute before processing of controller
    // should throw many exceptions (rights etc.)

  protected function process(...) { 
    // body of controller 

  protected function after(...) {
    // typically return views data...


Method Controller::before() throws exceptions on a number of counts, but I am looking for clean way how to throw "silent exception", because controller should be called as "service" and in this case I do not need error message (you are not logged in...) but only stop processing and return context to other controller in queue.


Yes, it's easy to define some SilentException extends \Exception, but this I feel a little bit dirty.

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