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That's a rather vague question. It obviously depends on the target sites. Some websites are script-friendly and maybe even have an API, others make it very hard to log-in and fetch data automatically.


I hope the script is supposed to run on your own PC? Because storing all your passwords on some server certainly isn't a good idea.

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You're better off not bothering with PHP.  Use Javascript.  You can make Greasemonkey scripts for your browser and that could handle it all.  Note that you should probably just keep track of cookies rather than your actual login information so the worst that can happen in most cases is session hijacking.  That can still suck, but usually not as bad as giving up your password.


As for displaying it, you'd have several options.  Use any site and use their custom 404 page, or add something to the URL in the homepage likie "?action=dispalyInfo" and you can completely' wipe the page and create your own with JS.


This is all client-sided of course, as I don't think you'd want to have your information available to remote users?  If you do for some strange reason, then I guess you could store it and use PHP, but I can't imagine that being your goal.

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