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php rand and percentage


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I basically want a function that takes a parameter which is a percentage chance of the functioning returning true.

A user can move from tier 1->10 and at tier 1 there's a 70% chance to move to tier 2, from tier 2 there's a slightly less chance to move up, and so on.


I tried with the following piece of code:



public function rollTheDice($winnerPercentage)
$number = rand(1, 100);
if ($number <= $winnerPercentage)
return true;
return false;


The above code makes logical sense to me:

1. Pick a random number between 1 and 100.

2. If that number is less than or equal to the percentage, then we passed (example, if the random number is less than or equal to 70.. there must be a 70% chance of this?)


This however does not seem to work, in fact it appears that when simulating a roll, 70% fails at the very first step (where there is a 70% chance of winning..)

To actually make it to tier 10, has yet to be accomplished, so by simulating this with unlimited attempts for 120 seconds straight doesn't seem to "win".


I tried (just for fun) and change the if-statement so:

if ($number >$winnerPercentage)


This seems to be working quite well, as the simulator quickly reaches tier 10 this way.

Any suggestions to code changes, or can someone explain why it is working way better when exchanging less than with greater than?

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