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Hi Team. Please help me out to create a small script. i have made a jpeg image(See Below), how i want the script and what the script have to do...


Basically i wanted two php script. but currently will tell you the First one.


1.- I would like to create a list of players eg. name1, name 2, name 3, and wanted a drop down list for the Names. and same for the teams, List of teams eg team1,team2,team3 and so on... once the user / admin choose the player (for eg name2) and the team as team1 and click the button (ADD PLAYER), the Player Name should to the choosen Team column in the same page or even in the next page ( By refresh its should not get clear) and also required a remove button Next to the Players incase if we wish to remove..


can any one create a Php script for the same.. please help



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You are making life difficult for yourself. Instead of building lists from the selections and then deleting and reallocating from and to those lists, can I suggest an easier interface to make it easier to change the allocations until you are satisfied?


Each radio button would be of the form

<input type='radio' name='member[$playerid]' value='$teamtid'>

then the processing of the form submission would simply be

foreach ($_POST['member'] as $playerID => $teamID) {
    // save player and team allocation

Suggested form



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