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Save/Copy database tables to other site.

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Is it possible to save history of all my tables from my other site and copy all those history into my new one?

I have milions of posts at my site, but since im moving to other one which is a free host, i want to have all those history.

I can easily copy main structure but i have like millions of posts and i want to keep them all. :)

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If is really large can copy the mysql data files themselves and overwrite in new site.


In linux or debian based such as ubuntu is located in /var/lib/mysql/

Each database will have it's own folder, it's table will have multiple files.


Windows based is usually C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7 or simply C:\mysql, depends where mysql was installed.


If a table is corrupt use the repair function



If this for some reason it fails try use_frm to repair the myi file


I've done huge databases this way and works much better and faster than exporting and importing large sql files.



I noticed you said free host which limits the folders can access, may need to export and import each table with a sql file.

Database management programs such as phpmyadmin can do this.

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