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PHP Form Validation Against CSV with Wordpress

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Hi all,


PHP newbie here. I've been trying to integrate Gravity Forms with Gravity View's Import Entries from CSV plugin. Unfortunately, it needs a bit of tweaking to get everything connected properly.


I used a code snippet from David at Gravity Whiz, (HERE) that gets integrated into my Wordpress site's functions.php file, and have been trying to customize to to suit my needs. From what I understand in looking at the code, the only bit I need to tweak (I think) is the bottom portion:

# Configuration
new GW_Value_Exists_Validation( array(
'target_form_id'  => 1,
'target_field_id' => 3,
'source_form_id'  => '/RSVPcodes.csv',
'source_field_id' => 'rsvp',
'validation_message' => 'Hey! Don\'t be a villain! Provide a legit RSVP code to reserve your spot at the Smackdown.'
) );

My main question here: how to get the validation code to see the database that I've uploaded via the Import Entries plugin? I know ignorance is making me miss something that should be pretty simple. Right now, I've got it to validate a test word that I know is not in my database, and also a code that I know is in the database. It's coming back with both items as not valid.


The end result will be a RSVP form that will be used to accept RSVPs only from people who have an RSVP code from their invitation, a lot like a license key validation system.


The live site (and form I'm trying to tweak) is HERE.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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The function you linked to via gravitywiz seems to be a function used to validate one form's field against another, not as a lookup system using CSV. If anything I would expect you to have to use a CSV import utility to put the RSVP numbers into the backend and then use the function to compare two forms.


I don't know gravity forms at all, I'm just going based off what you posted above and the page you linked to.

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Thanks iarp,


After a lot of tweaking, I've managed to get everything validating properly. I had the wrong settings for 'source_form_id' and 'source_field_id'.

Now, the final step is to make it so each code can only be used one time.


Has anyone had luck with this kind of thing? 


Also, I had to password protect the site to keep people from RSVPing prematurely. Pass is bbg2314 for those interested in viewing.


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