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Basic composer PSR4 autoloading issue

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Hi all,


I am trying to implement PSR-4 autoloading in my project.  It is an existing application I have inherited that doesn't use OOP, but I am hoping to refactor over time to use OOP, and PSR4 is crucial for me as it is a big task.


At this present time we do not rely on any external libraries (old application entirely written in-house), so composer is ONLY being used for autoloading.


First of all, I assume that the vendor dir needs to be present on the server/git repo for autoloading, as /vendor/autoload.php is required, even though the consensus is to add the vendor directory to .gitignore?


My app structure on my server looks like this:




│   composer.json



│   ├───AppName

│   │   ├───admin

│   │   │       authenticated.php

│   │   │       init.php

│   │   │       login.php

│   │   │       

│   │   └───php

│   │       └───search.php

│   └───Framework

│       ├───Helpers

│       │   └───OSHelpers.php


    │   autoload.php














    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
           "Framework\\": "htdocs/Framework"



login.php calls authenticated.php when a user successfully logs in, and authenticated calls my init.php script which contains:




it is search.php that has the error.  The user is redirected to search.php when they are authenticated.


search.php has the lines:

use Framework\Helpers\OSHelpers;
$current_os = OSHelpers::GetConciseOSFromUserAgent($user_agent);

the static call to OSHelpers works fine if require_once is used.


OSHelpers.php is namedspaced as:  <?php namespace Framework\Helpers;


The error I receive is:



Fatal error: Class 'Framework\Helpers\OSHelpers' not found in /var/www/appurl/htdocs/AppName/php/search.php on line 829



I'm at a bit of a loss about why it does this?  When I follow the example in this video (https://www.youtube.com slash watch?v=VGSerlMoIrY) my example app works fine, but trying to replicate this in a slightly more complicated structure is giving me problems.


Many thanks in advance,


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To be clear, I want to use composer as I will be using third-party packages in my refactoring.

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