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Concatenating form variables

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I have changed this single input;

<input type="text" name="fromtime[]" value="" placeholder="From Time (hh:mm)" class="forminput" list="timeoptions" />

into two selects;

     <div id="username-wrapper1" class="forminput_wrapper1">
        <select id="houroptions" value="" name="fromhour[]" placeholder="From Hour (hh)" class="forminput1" >



        <select id="minuteoptions" value="" name="fromminutes[]" placeholder="From Minute (mm)" class="forminput1" >



ie I have broken down time entry into hours and minute entries. How can I now join the values of hour and minutes with a : (colon) in between into fromtime[] variable and at what location can I do it? Can it be done at form level once values of hour and minutes are assigned or does it have to be done elsewhere?





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