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In my database I got table with keywords row.Keywords are separated by the commas(dog, black, German, white, dangerous).If I type single search term for example dog it will return result for dog however if i type two terms for example dangerous dog it returns 0 results.I want for my code to return results for multiple terms...Someone suggested explode the array of search words and do an OR condition in my query with the exploded array but I am a noob and don't know how to do it.Any help would be appreciated! My code is bellow.

	$get_value = addslashes($_POST['search']);

	$search = mysqli_real_escape_string($con,"$get_value");
	<h2>Showing results for <?php echo $_POST['search'] ?></h2>
	echo "<center><b>Please write something in the search box!</b></center>";

	$result_query = "SELECT * FROM content WHERE keywords LIKE '%".$search."%'";

	$run_result = mysqli_query($con,$result_query);
// echo mysqli_num_rows($run_result);
// exit;
	echo "<center>Sorry no matches found</center>";


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