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Sending data from Excel

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Apologies, I'm a complete novice so please be gentle!


Default Send data from excel in php?

Apologies for my ignorance, I feel that this should be possible but I have no idea how!


I am building an electronic scoreboard, & the control program runs on a Raspberry Pi (running apache which serves it as a webpage to the control device - phone, laptop etc), which sends data to an Arduino Uno which controls the LEDs


When you update the score on the control program (accessed through a web page interface), the Raspberry Pi builds a string of numbers separated by commas, & then sends this string to the Uno. The string is called 'tempstring' in the php file.


Here's the php code:




echo $tempString;







Now, I have an Excel workbook that is a complete scoring program, not just a simple scoreboard controller.

I have modified the workbook to create the data string in the exact same format as the Pi does.


And now the question......


Is it possible to get Excel to send this string to either the Pi or the Uno (via the Pi) so that the scoreboard updates?

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Moving this topic since it is not a PHP question. The question is about using Excel to POST data to a URL. Moving to the "Other Libraries and Frameworks" forum - didn't see anything more appropriate.

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