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What is the command similar to implode, explode and etc.

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I have used this command before and cannot remember the name or how to deploy it.. sorta like implode but different..

what it does is take an associative array and makes individual variables out of the array like this.

$str = arrray("dog->catkiller", "house->placetolive:)

and when applied results in the following.
$dog = "catkiller";

$house = "placetolive";


Can anyone help me with this.. I need the command name and a sample of its use..


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Thanks that is exactly the word.. just could not remember for the life of me and i searched around the explode and implode areas but never saw any ref to it.. so totally slipped my mind.. what little i got left.. Thanks again.

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For the record: extract() is a terrible function which should not be used in any kind of serious code. Flooding the symbol table with dynamic variables is not only unnecessary, unclean and error-prone. It can fudge up your entire security if the data is user-controlled.


When you have an associative array of data, simply keep it that way. No reason to turn it into a set of variables.

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