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Php and Twitter

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So i got the basis of this working here
what im trying to do is make it so it searches by not only username(complete) but also a certain hashtag (Duels)
And get it to display any media (photos)  in said tweet


/** Set access tokens here - see: https://dev.twitter.com/apps/ **/
$settings = array(
'oauth_access_token' => "831981818408677377-FexWOmvCyaZYWt3TYwmodmx3gMmFIqx",
'oauth_access_token_secret' => "L1vwbaBjsUivKn5NYVmGgve6V1lSP5THvjBk3LiadHyOj",
'consumer_key' => "t31OianjtopHhDEdeBAjWPqj3",
'consumer_secret' => "zFZpwrMl31BShY6CluYapaZl0K1CQPpsagBjVCMkTs2GtWHhRm"
$url = "https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json";

$requestMethod = "GET";
$getfield = 'screen_name=MCoCTrucos&count=1';
$twitter = new TwitterAPIExchange($settings);
$string = json_decode($twitter->setGetfield($getfield)
->buildOauth($url, $requestMethod)
->performRequest(),$assoc = TRUE);
if($string["errors"][0]["message"] != "") {echo "<h3>Sorry, there was a             problem.</h3><p>Twitter returned the following error message:</p><p>     <em>".$string[errors][0]["message"]."</em></p>";exit();}
foreach($string as $items)
    echo "Tweeted by: ". $items['user']['name']."<br />";       
    echo "Screen name: ". $items['user']['screen_name']."<br />";
    echo "Tweet: ". $items['text']."<br />";        
    echo "Time and Date of Tweet: ".$items['created_at']."<br />";
    echo "Tweet ID: ".$items['id_str']."<br />";
    echo "Followers: ". $items['user']['followers_count']."<br /><hr />";
echo $url;}


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