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Output wp_signup (user_email) on a page

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Hello everyone,

I hope this is were in post this.

I'm new to php and WordPress Database and had a question.

I was wondering if it's possible to place a php code to display a registered users email on the confirm email page of my wordpress/buddypress website.


Default one reads


You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.


I’d like to have (your address) actually show the email that was registered without them being logged in.



I've been searching nonstop threw documentation/Codex and I came up with this code,


`global $wpdb;


/* lets retrieve the email of users who signed up $wpdb */

function get_user_by( ‘email’,‘null’ )

$user_email = $wpdb->wpjm_signups (‘user_email’);

if ($signups) {

echo "sent to " . $user_email ;

} else {

echo "email not listed.";


//Creating a shortcode to display signup email

add_shortcode( 'user_email');`



I placed it in my themes functions.php file but had to delete it due to the 500 error.


Am I on the right track?

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